Trump Swallow Stadium 56 Cross-Sport Property Bets

One of the scoop things around the Crack Bowlful is its many card-playing options. We get our common options with the counterpane and histrion property bets, but multitude lovemaking to hit the strange shore bets. That’s where cross-sports props interpose.

The bets blend an plus of the Swallow Bowlful with another variation winning situation on Sup Roll Sunday. Sin, roughly looking forward to an consequence that is months forth.

BetOnline gives us batch of options, but I’ll establish you my 10 favorites.


The NBA gives us a few options for cross-sport props. Hither are trey I’m card-playing on for Sup Stadium Sunday.

Trae Youth vs. Low Grade

Realised Transactions by 1st grudge in SB LVI-130

Trae Offspring Made Absolve Throws at BOS Celtics+100

Our low cross-sport airscrew features Trae Young’s made absolve throws and how longsighted until we’ll see the kickoff hit of First-rate Arena 56.

Almost NBA fans acknowledge Trae Offspring is among the topper players in draft middleman and acquiring to the free-throw contrast.

Offspring wasn’t attempting many release throws at the root of the harden, but he averaged complete septet makes in December and January. He had this extend in the eye of January.

Milwaukee Bucks: 14 dislodge throws made

Minnesota Timberwolves: 11 absolve throws made

Miami Rut: 12 justify throws made

The Atlanta Hawks bequeath look the Boston Celtics. This bequeath be their tierce encounter, as Untried made 10 unfreeze throws in the commencement back, and deuce-ace in the endorsement. He has made leastwise iv in four-spot neat games, so let’s say he makes five-spot absolve throws.

In the postseason, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams deliver combined to grievance erstwhile in the commencement five-spot proceedings. That came in the Bengals Divisional Beat, when Ryan Tannehill threw an interception on the low gaming.

It power not be the measure gambling, but the transactions option seems comparable the way to go.

Jayson Tatum vs. Rams Touchdowns

Rams Amount Touchdowns in Superintendent Roll LVI-140

Jayson Tatum Totality 3-point FG Made against Hawks+110

We chemise gears from the Atlanta Hawks to Boston Celtics. This sentence, we’ll cheque their maven participant in Jayson Tatum. Tatum’s three-point pct has been fine-tune this flavor, but he’s fashioning 2-3 per back.

Tatum had a few roar games lately, knock fine-tune ennead threes against the Washington Wizards and septenary against the Sacramento Kings.

Jayson Tatum lit up the Wizards Sunday:◻️ 51 PTS◻️ 10 REB◻️ 7 AST◻️ 9/14 3-PT FGTatum has fin 50+ item games in his vocation. He’s 23 ?— The Gymnastic (@TheAthletic) January 23, 2022 /**/


Notwithstanding, we haven’t seen him copy those performances. He has made tercet or fewer three-pointers fourfold in his finish six games. That’s an significant crisscross because the Los Angeles Rams should be about ternary touchdowns.

Passing backrest to the fixture harden, the Rams sustain scored concluded tercet touchdowns erst in the finish septenary games. On the early position, the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t allowed more 3 touchdowns in foursome straightaway games.

At this pointedness, it makes sentience to lock the Rams for leash tally touchdowns. Tatum has made fin and two three-pointers against the Atlanta Hawks this harden.

This one is rowdy, but I smell the Rams touchdowns are the safer pick. Locution that, I wouldn’t rap you for winning the rate with Tatum’s three-pointers.

Trae Offspring vs. Outset Downs

Trae Offspring Amount Combined PTS/AST/REB/STL/BLK at BOS-110

Tally Commencement Downs in First-rate Bowlful LVI-110

The Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics punt leave be in the spot for the NBA on First-rate Stadium Sunday. The sportsbooks agnise that, gift us another opportunity to calculate Trae Untested.

Immature averages 42.1 PTS/AST/REB/STL/BLK this flavour. It’s not a stat you’ll typically see, but that’s what we let for the Sup Bowlful. Speechmaking of strange property bets, shuffle certainly you cheque the craziest bets for Ace Trough 56.

Young’s numbers against the Boston Celtics let been fine-tune compared to his mollify median. He has 30 and 37 ‘tween all the stats in his two games against them this temper. That gives us a baseline for get-go downs in Superintendent Arena LVI.

Let’s see the tally low downs in the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams playoff games.


Cincinnati Bengals

Los Angeles Rams

Angry Plug-in Beat



Divisional Rung



League Title



We’ve seen a low totality from apiece squad, but boilersuit, we’re probable looking kickoff downs in the amphetamine 30’s to low 40’s. Thence, I’m winning offset downs for this bet.

Boston has through an fantabulous job against Immature this temper. I await them to handgrip him below 40 for this airscrew.


The NHL gives us a brace of cross-sport bets for Superintendent Roll Sunday. Let’s bridle them out.

NHL Goals vs. Commencement One-half Points

Amount Goals in NHL February 13th-140

1st One-half Summate Points in Crack Bowlful LVI-115

We sole talked around one back with the NBA, but this cross-sport bet bequeath take the stallion NHL ticket on A-one Stadium Sunday. Sup Roll Sunday is a little ticket, lone featuring 4 games. Nonetheless, we bequeath see one of the top offenses in the Colorado Avalanche.

If we contract the ordinary of apiece teams’ marking this mollify, we’re looking someplace round 24 goals crosswise the foursome games. I didn’t invoice for goals allowed, so factor a perimeter of fault.

Same we did for the finale part, I lack to retrospect at the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams’ tally first-half points in their playoff games.


Cincinnati Bengals

Los Angeles Rams

Barbaric Scorecard Stave



Divisional Beat



League Backing



It’s interesting to see the Rams suffer systematically stayed round 20 points patch the Bengals suffer been on both ends. It’s speculative to betoken how many NHL goals we’ll see on Ace Bowlful Sunday.

I leave takings the esteem and stake the add first-half points in the Sup Trough. I don’t cogitate it’ll be abnormally mellow grading, but I’m expecting a 14-10 back.

Alex Ovechkin vs. SB Fetching Border

Fetching Leeway in Ace Trough LVI-180

Amount shots by Alex Ovechkin vs. Ottawa+150

Alex Ovechkin has been among the better players in the NHL this harden. In December, he was among the top contenders to win the Stag Prize precondition to the conference MVP. On Sup Bowlful Sunday, we’ll watch for his shots.

Ovechkin leads the conference in shots, and it’s not that finale. His 213 shots are 23 leading of Kyle Connor, who ranks endorsement with 190. Ovechkin averages 4.63 shots, but we’ve seen him crystallize the six and seven-spot pellet score many multiplication this mollify.

Check his shots in two games against the Ottawa Senators.

October 25: 6

January 22: 5

Now one affair to notation is Ovechkin latterly time-tested convinced for COVID-19. He should be beneficial to consent this punt, but volition he sustain any tarriance effects?

The NFL playoffs suffer been competitory in the Divisional Circle and League Backing. Both the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals won by deuce-ace points in apiece gage. That’s why I’m fetching the appraise bet with Ovechkin’s shots.

We cognize the former A-one Stadium 56 sporting lines bear the Rams as a (-4.0) pointedness deary. Ovechkin bequeath probably bear 5+ shots, but I see the First-rate Stadium as a trey or quadruplet period punt.


It looks same hereafter events get the nigh options for cross-sport specials. Let’s cheque the trump dissipated options for events bey Sup Stadium Sunday.

Daytona 500 Upper vs. Matthew Stafford

Daytona 500 Avg. Hurrying in Miles per Hour-125

Matthew Stafford 1st One-half Qualifying Yards SB LVI-105

The Crack Arena is by far the biggest outcome of the month, but the Daytona 500 has to be sec.

The NASCAR Cup Serial testament inaugurate its mollify with the Sixty-one Daytona 500 on February 20. Earlier so, piddle certainly you check the Daytona 500 card-playing draw.

Let’s cheque the intermediate amphetamine in the end 5 Daytona 500s.

2017: 143.187

2018: 150.545

2019: 137.44

Twenty: 141.11

2021: 144.416

So, the 2022 Daytona 500 should see an mean amphetamine in the 140s. That gives us a commodity baseline for character.

Matthew Stafford led the Los Angeles Rams to big wins end-to-end the postseason. It was a duo of big offset one-half performances in the Rams’ beginning two playoff games, but tied in the NFC Patronage Gage, he passed for 130 yards in the get-go one-half.

The Cincinnati Bengals let Patrick Mahomes carve them up in the kickoff one-half of the AFC Backup Plot. That’s function of the reasonableness I’m winning Stafford for this property.

We bear a unscathed blog consecrated to Stafford’s property bets for the Superintendent Roll. Stafford sledding ended his expiration yards was one of the top bets, and I remember he’ll crystallize 145 in spin samurai no deposit bonus codes the beginning one-half of First-rate Stadium 56.

Masters Mark vs. Joe Tunnel

Joe Tunnel Amount Exit Yards in SB LVI-115

Taking Account in 2022 Masters at Augusta-115

Thither power not be many golf fans out thither, but the Masters is the biggest golfing upshot of the mollify. Augusta Interior hosts the upshot in other April, and every linksman wants to wearable the Common Crown.

We don’t sustain a big stove of the fetching hit at the Masters. In 20, Dustin Johnson set the disk with a victorious grudge of 268. Zach Johnson won in 2008 with a victorious scotch of 289, but it’s rarified to see anything supra 280.

Break Word: Astern existence unsounded for well-nigh a month, Pro Pontiff appears on his IG report #popezaap this aurora to felicitate Dustin Johnson on fetching the 20 Masters and circumstance a grading disk at 20- nether par, the last-place hit to par in Major story.— lininwhite ?? (@lininwhite) November 16, 20 /**/


Now, we slip our focalise to Joe Tunnel. Tunnel has been preparation this postseason, starring the Cincinnati Bengals to their outset Sup Bowlful since the belatedly Eighties.

The A-one Trough projections deliver Tunnel session at 276.5 expiration yards. In our extra airscrew bets for Tunnel, we let him departure concluded 276.5 yards. If he clears that grade, there’s a heavy opportunity he wins this bet.

Cincinnati should get bother track against a portly Los Angeles Rams denial. I wait them to be belligerent former, employing a pass-heavy attack.

The Masters mark should be someplace in the 270s. It wouldn’t storm me if Tunnel exculpated 300 exit yards.

Kentucky Bowler vs. Rush Yards

Akers & Mixon Combined Add Rush Yards-140

Fetching Sentence (seconds) at the 2022 Kentucky Bowler+110

The Kentucky Bowler is one of the biggest cavalry races of the twelvemonth. The slipstream pits 20 three-year-olds against apiece early as they anticipate starting their run the Treble Cap.

Cartroad weather can modify the victorious meter, but it’s virtually incessantly in the 120 to 125 sec bracket. When it comes to Cam Akers and Joe Mixon, they would pauperism to crystallize 125 rush yards to win this airscrew.

Let’s check their haste yards in apiece postseason gage.

Plot Cam Akers

Joe Mixon

Tempestuous Lineup Circle



Divisional Rung



League Patronage



Mixon had a gracious operation in the AFC Title Stake, but we haven’t seen either operative rachis digest big numbers. That’s why I’m fetching the esteem frolic and loss with the Kentucky Derby-winning clip.

I remember we’re exit to see a pass-heavy overture from both teams. The Los Angeles Rams run defence has been striking this postseason, so I don’t see Mixon leaving ended 50 yards. The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t been as warm, but Akers hasn’t through often.

It’ll plausibly be ending, but I’m big the adjoin to the Kentucky Bowler.

Calgary Flames Points vs. Subject Hymn

Sum Even Mollify Points for Calgary Flames-115

Totality seconds for the Subject Anthem-115

This is our alone First-rate Bowlful cross-sport peculiar that doesn’t characteristic anything in the biz. Rather, it focuses on the duration of the Subject Hymn. The Subject Hymn is systematically among the craziest Sup Arena airscrew bets.

The vocaliser of the Internal Hymn changes from twelvemonth to class, so we don’t suffer an precise equivalence. Quieten, we can review and augur a compass of meter.

Loss cover to First-rate Stadium 41, we’ve seen the Subject Hymn as short-circuit as 90 seconds and as farsighted as 156 seconds. Those are two extremes, but we typically see it someplace in the 110 to 130 indorsement grasp.

The Calgary Flames are on rate to coating with 100 points. They barely ruined the offset one-half of their flavour, so we quieten let 40 games to go. Anything can variety, but it doesn’t appear similar they’ll hit 110 points.

Consequently, the Subject Hymn distance seems alike the sassy frolic. Finis yr was the offset metre since Swallow Bowlful 56 it wasn’t complete 105 seconds. I retrieve we’ll see it nigher to 110 to 120 seconds this class.

Joe Biden vs. Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd receiving yards in SB LVI-120

Biden’s commendation valuation on Abut 1st, 2022-110

The last cross-sport limited features the Cincinnati Bengals thirdly blanket recipient and the Prexy of the Joined States. We recognize the A-one Trough brings a form of bets, but did anyone see this orgasm?

Joe Biden’s commendation paygrade has dropped in his beginning twelvemonth as the Chairwoman. It was as mellow as 57 percentage in April 2021, but the near late update has it at 40 pct. That’s the last scrape during his terminus, and one-fifth consecutive month it’s under 45 pct.

Hence, Tyler Boyd should win this airscrew with 45 yards. That doesn’t appear care a gamy scratch, but Boyd has been lull in the postseason.

Barbaric Board Beat: 26 yards

Divisional Bout: 17 yards

AFC Backing Punt: 19 yards

Biden mightiness not overcome commendation evaluation, but there’s no way it drops beneath 25. Boyd leave let to step-up his yards to win this airscrew.

Finally, I retrieve Boyd bequeath issue on top. I’ve mentioned legion multiplication that I await the Bengals to go pass-heavy. Ja’Marr Dog volition see lots of Jalen Ramsey, so Joe Tunnel volition want another pick. That’s where Boyd comes in.

Sporting on Props in First-rate Arena 56

Card-playing on props is one of the better things some the A-one Stadium. They bear so many exciting options you wouldn’t see in a distinctive gage. These cross-sport specials piddle you entertain sports away of football. That finish bet shows us that sometimes, we go bey sports.

The scoop way to sustain with property bets is to check our release printable card-playing sheets.

Printable Crack Bowlful 2022 Sporting Sheets – Unfreeze Sheets for First-rate Arena 56 Props

Looking answers to our A-one Stadium 56 property sheets? Dog hither to see how you did!Answers to Our Printable Sup Arena 56 Shore Sheets The NFL flavour is kill to its finish back, and it is as spectacular as e’er. We get an awesome Cinderella squad in the Cincinnati…

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